Rock the Park

Rock the Park is an annual music festival held in London, Ontario, Canada. The event features performances by a lineup of popular rock and alternative music artists, attracting thousands of fans from across the region and beyond.

Rock the Park typically takes place over multiple days, with each day featuring a different lineup of artists representing various sub-genres of rock music. The festival has hosted a diverse range of artists over the years, including classic rock bands, alternative rock acts, and modern rock artists.

In addition to the music performances, Rock the Park often includes other attractions and activities for attendees to enjoy, such as food and beverage vendors, merchandise booths, and interactive experiences.

The festival aims to provide a memorable experience for rock music fans while also supporting charitable causes. Proceeds from Rock the Park are often donated to local charities and organizations, making it not only a celebration of music but also a positive force for the community.

Rock the Park has become a beloved tradition in London, Ontario, and continues to draw crowds year after year with its stellar lineup of artists and vibrant atmosphere.

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Rock the Park 2022


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