Meridian Hall

Meridian Hall, located in downtown Toronto, is one of the city’s most prominent performing arts venues. Here’s an overview of its history, notable events, and musical significance:


Meridian Hall is located at 1 Front Street East, near the intersection of Yonge and Front Streets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s a key part of Toronto’s vibrant cultural district, close to other major landmarks like the St. Lawrence Market.


Meridian Hall was originally known as the O’Keefe Centre when it opened in 1960, named after the O’Keefe Brewing Company, which helped fund its construction. It was designed by architect Peter Dickinson, with distinctive mid-century modern architectural elements. The venue has undergone several name changes over the years, becoming the Hummingbird Centre in 1996 and the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in 2007. In 2019, it was renamed Meridian Hall following a sponsorship deal with Meridian Credit Union.

Purpose and Events:

Meridian Hall is a multi-purpose venue that hosts a variety of events, including concerts, theatrical productions, dance performances, film screenings, and more. It is known for its excellent acoustics and expansive stage, making it ideal for both large-scale performances and more intimate events.

Musicians and Performers:

Over the years, Meridian Hall has hosted a diverse range of musicians and performers from around the world. It has welcomed classical music orchestras, popular music artists, rock bands, and more. Notable musicians and groups who have performed at the venue include:

  • Yo-Yo Ma: The renowned cellist has performed here as part of his extensive touring schedule.
  • The Toronto Symphony Orchestra: Frequently holds concerts at Meridian Hall.
  • David Bowie: The legendary rock musician performed at the venue during his career.
  • K.D. Lang: The Canadian singer-songwriter has also graced the stage.

Meridian Hall has also been used for significant events such as film festivals, award shows, and community gatherings, reinforcing its role as a cultural hub in Toronto.

In summary, Meridian Hall is a versatile and historic venue in Toronto’s downtown core, known for hosting a wide array of artistic performances and musical events. It continues to be a key part of the city’s cultural scene, attracting performers and audiences from around the world.

2023 Show Lo Concert - Meridian Hall, Toronto


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