Jazz Bistro

Jazz Bistro is a renowned jazz club and restaurant in Toronto, Canada, known for its sophisticated setting and commitment to high-quality live jazz performances. Here’s an overview of Jazz Bistro, covering its location, history, notable musicians, and its unique atmosphere.


Jazz Bistro is located at 251 Victoria Street, in the heart of downtown Toronto, near Dundas Square and the Ed Mirvish Theatre. This central location makes it accessible to both locals and tourists, with plenty of nearby attractions and public transit options. It’s a popular destination for jazz enthusiasts and those seeking a refined dining experience with live music.


Jazz Bistro was founded in 2013 by Colin and Joan Hunter, who wanted to create a premier jazz venue that would honor Toronto’s rich jazz heritage. The site was formerly home to the iconic Top o’ the Senator, a legendary jazz club that closed in 2005. The Hunters saw an opportunity to revive the spirit of that venue while adding their own touch of elegance and sophistication.

Since its opening, Jazz Bistro has been dedicated to presenting high-quality jazz performances and providing a platform for both established and emerging jazz musicians. The club has quickly become a staple in Toronto’s jazz scene, attracting a diverse audience of jazz aficionados and casual music lovers.

Musicians and Notable Performances

Jazz Bistro has hosted a wide range of renowned jazz musicians, both from Canada and around the world. Notable performers who have graced the stage include Michael Kaeshammer, Molly Johnson, Robi Botos, Diana Panton, and Guido Basso, among others. The venue frequently features local talent and provides opportunities for up-and-coming jazz artists to showcase their skills.

The club’s programming includes a mix of traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, blues, and even some cross-genre performances. Jazz Bistro is known for its intimate setting and high-quality acoustics, which create an immersive experience for both musicians and audiences.

Atmosphere and Layout

Jazz Bistro offers a refined and elegant atmosphere, with a red and black color scheme, plush seating, and a sophisticated ambience. The venue has multiple levels, with a main floor that includes a stage and dining area, an upper-level balcony with additional seating, and a rooftop terrace that’s open during the warmer months.

The club’s layout allows for an intimate and engaging experience, with patrons able to enjoy dinner and drinks while listening to live jazz. The menu features a variety of gourmet dishes, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts, along with a selection of fine wines, cocktails, and other beverages.

Overall, Jazz Bistro provides a unique and upscale setting for jazz performances in Toronto. Its blend of high-quality music, refined atmosphere, and central location makes it a popular destination for those seeking a sophisticated night out with live jazz.

Jazz Bistro -- Downtown Restaurant in Toronto


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