Axis Club

The Axis Club, formerly known as the Mod Club, is a renowned live music venue located in Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood. Originally opened in 2002, the Mod Club quickly gained a reputation for hosting a wide range of musical acts, including indie rock, alternative, and electronic artists. It’s known for its intimate atmosphere and excellent sound quality, making it a favorite among both performers and audiences.

Over the years, the Mod Club has welcomed numerous notable musicians and bands to its stage, including Metric, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, and many others. Its central location on College Street makes it easily accessible for music lovers across the city.

In 2022, the venue underwent a rebranding and was renamed the Axis Club. While the name has changed, its legacy as a premier live music destination in Toronto continues, attracting both established acts and emerging talent alike.

RUSSELL! - Live at the Axis Club


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