Open Market Tickets

Can I get tickets under face value?

The answer is tied to demand. If an event is in high demand, prices go up. If an event decreases in demand, prices go down. What we often observe is that prices climb when scalpers purchase the tickets to resell (as tickets go on sale). If demand is not good, scalpers will liquidate their remaining tickets close to the event date leading to cheap ticket prices.

Our tickets are open market tickets.

  • If tickets are in low demand, you may see below market values advertised on TicketsToronto.Ca. Purchase and enjoy. You scored!
  • If tickets are in high demand (such as playoff tickets or a popular concert), ticket prices may exceed face value. We usually have these tickets, but they cost a surplus.

For many events, including massive events , ticket prices may fall the last few days before an event, especially the day of the event.

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