Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions occur across this fabulous province of ours. Many bars & taverns have periods where anyone can take the stage. Musicians can sing or play their instrument and gauge their performance. They play with band members or complete strangers. Play for fun or establish your band or form a new one.

One of my favourite little clubs in Southern Ontario is the Front Porch. As you make your way down from Toronto, the fields turn to tobacco. The people become more relaxed, and the world turns more slowly. The dusty little town of Langton holds this gem of a place. Worth a visit. Maybe you want to book the stage or attend a jam session?

Know of other places with Jam Sessions?

Wanna play at the front porch?

“Welcome to Front Porch, Ya’ll. We’re always catfish and cornbread fixin’.  Were a ‘from scratch’, Southern food restaurant, using old school techniques.  We put lots of love into our food, keeping the art and tradition, of Southern cooking, alive and well. However, we are more than just a Southern food restaurant; we’re a Southern experience. We offer authentic, Southern food, music, and hospitality, all in a place, one would expect to find, only Down South.We’re all about nostalgic, ‘times gone by’, and ‘old school ways’ of doing things. We want ya’ll to come for a visit, and spend some time, and sit for a spell, listening to some blues, or rocking in a chair, on our front porch, while sipping a Mint Julip. We want ya’ll to come in, and enjoy yourselves, and we want ya’ll to feel at home. This is a place to let go, of the world that usually moves too fast. We want ya’ll to relax, and enjoy good food, good music, and good company.”

Ghost Town Blues Band