Hugh’s Room

Hugh’s Room was a renowned music venue in Toronto, Canada, known for its focus on folk, roots, and acoustic music. It gained a reputation as a welcoming space for both established and emerging artists, with a strong community-oriented atmosphere. Here’s an overview of Hugh’s Room, including its location, history, and the musicians it attracted.


Hugh’s Room was located in the Roncesvalles neighborhood of Toronto, at 2261 Dundas Street West. This area is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with many venues and establishments that cater to music lovers and creative types.


Hugh’s Room was founded in 2001 by Richard Carson, who named the venue after his late brother, Hugh Carson. It quickly became a beloved spot in Toronto’s live music scene, offering an intimate setting with a focus on folk, roots, and acoustic music. The venue was known for its dinner-and-show format, where patrons could enjoy a meal while watching performances.

Over the years, Hugh’s Room hosted a diverse range of artists and developed a loyal following. The venue’s size and setup made it ideal for acoustic performances, fostering close connections between musicians and audiences. It became a staple for folk and roots musicians touring through Toronto and played a crucial role in promoting local talent.

Musicians and Notable Performances

Hugh’s Room attracted a wide array of musicians, from local Toronto-based artists to internationally renowned performers. Notable artists who performed at Hugh’s Room included Gordon Lightfoot, Ron Sexsmith, Sylvia Tyson, Tom Rush, Bruce Cockburn, and many others. The venue also supported emerging musicians, providing a platform for them to connect with audiences in an intimate setting.

Closure and Hugh’s Room Live

Despite its success and loyal following, Hugh’s Room faced financial challenges over the years. In January 2017, the venue announced its closure due to financial difficulties, sparking an outpouring of support from the Toronto music community. However, efforts to reopen and reestablish the venue eventually led to the formation of “Hugh’s Room Live,” a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the spirit of the original venue.

Hugh’s Room Live continued the tradition of live music events, initially using temporary venues around Toronto while seeking a permanent home. The organization’s goal was to uphold the legacy of Hugh’s Room and create a space where artists and audiences could connect through music. By embracing the non-profit model, Hugh’s Room Live aimed to provide a sustainable framework for supporting musicians and fostering a vibrant music community.

While Hugh’s Room as an original venue has closed, its legacy lives on through Hugh’s Room Live and the memories of those who experienced its unique atmosphere and performances.

Meredith Moon - "Constellations" at Hugh's Room Live


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