Everyone should see an NFL game once in their life. Unfortunately for whatever reason, Toronto doesn’t have an NFL franchise. All is not lost. Small US cities have franchises just across the border. Tickets for pre-season are something like $10 each. Regular season something like $100. The time to attend is now! The NFL is on Toronto’s doorstep.

The Buffalo Bills – Based in Orchard Park, New York, are a professional American football team. They play in the NFL’s AFC East division and have a passionate fan base. The distance from Toronto to Orchard Park is approximately 165 kilometers (about 102 miles), making it feasible for fans from Toronto to attend games, although crossing the border may add some travel time.

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The Cleveland Browns – Located in Cleveland, Ohio, are another NFL team with a dedicated following. The distance from Toronto to Cleveland is around 340 kilometers (about 211 miles), which is a bit farther than Buffalo but still manageable for fans willing to make the trip.

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The Detroit Lions – Based in Detroit, Michigan, are also an NFL team. They have a storied history but have struggled in recent years. The distance from Toronto to Detroit is approximately 370 kilometers (about 230 miles), making it the farthest of the three cities. However, it’s still within a reasonable distance for fans who want to support the team.

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All three teams have fan bases that extend beyond their respective cities, and while Toronto is not directly adjacent to any of them, the distances are manageable for dedicated fans willing to travel for games.

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