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The Trews are a Canadian rock band formed in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, in 1997. The band’s lineup consists of:

1. Colin MacDonald – lead vocals, guitar
2. John-Angus MacDonald – guitar, backing vocals
3. Jack Syperek – bass guitar, backing vocals
4. Chris Gormley – drums

The Trews are known for their energetic live performances and their ability to blend elements of classic rock, alternative rock, and blues into their music. Since their formation, they have released several albums and achieved success both in Canada and internationally.

Some of their notable hits and popular songs include:

1. “Not Ready to Go” – Their breakout single, which garnered widespread attention and earned them a Juno Award nomination.
2. “Highway of Heroes” – A poignant and powerful tribute to Canadian soldiers, which became an anthem for remembrance and gratitude.
3. “Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me” – A catchy and melodic track that showcases the band’s songwriting prowess and infectious hooks.
4. “Hold Me in Your Arms” – A heartfelt ballad that highlights Colin MacDonald’s soulful vocals and the band’s dynamic musicianship.
5. “Sing Your Heart Out” – An uplifting and anthemic song with a message of perseverance and hope.

Throughout their career, The Trews have toured extensively and built a dedicated fan base with their passionate music and engaging live shows. They continue to release new music and remain active in the Canadian music scene, earning accolades for their contributions to rock music.

The Trews - Highway of Heroes


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