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The Blue Stones are a Canadian rock band from Windsor, Ontario, known for their blues-infused rock sound with a modern twist. The band consists of two members: Tarek Jafar (vocals and guitar) and Justin Tessier (drums and backing vocals). They formed in 2011, and since then, they have gained recognition for their energetic performances and distinctive sound, which blends elements of rock, blues, and alternative music.

Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier met while attending the University of Windsor, where they began making music together. Their musical chemistry and shared influences led to the formation of The Blue Stones. Early in their career, they focused on refining their sound and developing their unique identity within the rock scene.

The Blue Stones gained more significant attention with the release of their debut full-length album, “Black Holes,” in 2018. This album helped the band break into the mainstream, and they garnered a dedicated following due to their catchy riffs, dynamic rhythms, and powerful vocal performances.

Greatest Hits:

Some of the band’s most popular songs include:

– “Black Holes (Solid Ground)”: This track has become one of their signature songs, featuring a heavy blues-rock sound and a memorable chorus.
– “Rolling with the Punches”: A high-energy track with driving rhythms and aggressive guitar riffs.
– “Be My Fire”:** A rock anthem with a catchy hook and bluesy undertones.
– “Shakin’ Off the Rust”: This song has a modern rock vibe and demonstrates the band’s evolution toward a more refined sound.


The Blue Stones have released two full-length albums to date:

– “Black Holes” (2018): Their debut album, featuring a mix of bluesy rock tracks and energetic tunes. This album brought them significant recognition and laid the foundation for their success.
– “Hidden Gems” (2021): The band’s second album, building on their debut’s success. It showcases their growth as musicians and songwriters, exploring new sonic territories while staying true to their roots.

Overall, The Blue Stones have established themselves as a powerful force in the rock music scene, drawing fans from across the globe with their energetic performances and compelling music.

The Blue Stones - Be My Fire (Official Music Video)


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