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Tate McRae is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer who gained prominence through her participation in the reality TV competition “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2016. Born on July 1, 2003, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, McRae began dancing at a young age and later ventured into music.

She gained widespread attention for her debut single “Tear Myself Apart” in 2017, followed by the release of her breakthrough single “Stupid” in 2019. The song went viral on TikTok, propelling McRae to international fame. She has since released several successful singles, including “You Broke Me First,” “r u ok,” and “slower,” showcasing her emotive vocals and relatable lyrics.

McRae’s music often explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, resonating with a broad audience. She has amassed millions of followers on social media platforms and continues to establish herself as a rising star in the music industry, known for her captivating performances and infectious pop sound.

Tate McRae - greedy (Official Video)


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