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Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band formed in Ajax, Ontario, in 1996. The band’s lineup has consisted of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Deryck Whibley, lead guitarist Dave Baksh (until 2006, and again since 2015), bassist Jason “Cone” McCaslin, and drummer Frank Zummo.

Sum 41 gained popularity in the early 2000s with their blend of punk rock, pop punk, and alternative rock. Their debut album, “All Killer No Filler,” was released in 2001 and featured hit singles like “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep,” which became anthems for the pop-punk scene at the time.

The band continued to achieve commercial success with subsequent albums such as “Does This Look Infected?” (2002), “Chuck” (2004), and “Underclass Hero” (2007). Their music often combines catchy melodies, aggressive guitar riffs, and humorous lyrics, earning them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

In addition to their musical endeavors, Sum 41 has been known for their energetic live performances and willingness to experiment with different musical styles. The band has toured extensively and played at major music festivals around the world.

Over the years, Sum 41 has faced various challenges, including lineup changes, personal struggles, and health issues. However, they have continued to persevere and release new music, showcasing their resilience and passion for their craft.

Sum 41’s music has left a lasting impact on the punk and alternative rock genres, influencing countless bands and artists. With their high-energy performances and infectious songs, they remain an important fixture in the music scene, beloved by fans old and new.

Sum 41 - Pieces (Official Music Video)


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