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The Sam Roberts Band is a Canadian rock band formed in Montreal, Quebec, in 2000. The band’s lineup consists of:

1. Sam Roberts – lead vocals, guitar
2. Dave Nugent – lead guitar, backing vocals
3. James Hall – bass guitar, backing vocals
4. Josh Trager – drums, percussion
5. Eric Fares – keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, backing vocals

The Sam Roberts Band is known for their dynamic blend of rock, alternative, and indie influences, as well as their energetic live performances. Their music often features catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Some of the Sam Roberts Band’s biggest hits and popular songs include:

1. “Brother Down” – One of their breakout singles, known for its infectious groove and memorable guitar riff.
2. “Don’t Walk Away Eileen” – A fan-favorite track with its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus.
3. “Where Have All the Good People Gone?” – Another hit single with its catchy melody and introspective lyrics.
4. “Bridge to Nowhere” – A driving rock song with a powerful chorus and uplifting message.
5. “If You Want It” – A feel-good anthem with its positive vibes and sing-along chorus.

Since their formation, the Sam Roberts Band has released several successful albums, including “We Were Born in a Flame” (2003), “Chemical City” (2006), “Love at the End of the World” (2008), “Collider” (2011), “Lo-Fantasy” (2014), and “TerraForm” (2016).

Throughout their career, the Sam Roberts Band has earned critical acclaim and numerous awards, including multiple Juno Awards, Canada’s highest music honors. They have also toured extensively and performed at major festivals and venues around the world, solidifying their reputation as one of Canada’s most respected and enduring rock bands.

Sam Roberts - Brother Down


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