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LANY is an American indie pop band formed in 2014, consisting of members Paul Jason Klein (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Les Priest (keyboards, guitar, vocals), and Jake Goss (drums). The band’s name, LANY, stands for “Los Angeles New York” and represents the geographic locations of the band members’ origins: Klein is from Tulsa, Oklahoma (LA), Priest is from Tulsa as well, and Goss is from Nashville, Tennessee (NY).

LANY gained attention with their debut EP, “Acronymns” (2014), followed by the release of their self-titled debut album in 2017. Known for their dreamy, synth-driven sound and introspective lyrics, LANY has cultivated a dedicated fanbase and achieved success with songs like “ILYSB” (I Love You So Bad), “Super Far,” and “Thru These Tears.”

Since their debut, LANY has continued to release music and tour extensively, earning a reputation for their captivating live performances and emotionally resonant songwriting. They have released several albums, including “Malibu Nights” (2018) and “gg bb xx” (2022), as well as numerous singles and EPs. LANY’s music often explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, resonating with listeners around the world.

LANY - Thick And Thin (Official Video)


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