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Kansas is an American rock band that formed in the early 1970s and gained significant popularity with its unique blend of progressive rock, hard rock, and American rock influences. Here’s a bit about the band’s history, members, and greatest hits:

Kansas was formed in 1973 in Topeka, Kansas. The band’s initial lineup consisted of Kerry Livgren (guitar/keyboards), Phil Ehart (drums), Robby Steinhardt (violin/vocals), Steve Walsh (vocals/keyboards), Rich Williams (guitar), and Dave Hope (bass). They quickly gained a reputation for their intricate musical arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics.

Kansas achieved success with their third album, “Leftoverture” (1976), which included the hit single “Carry On Wayward Son.” Their follow-up album, “Point of Know Return” (1977), further established them as a major force in the rock music scene, featuring the title track “Point of Know Return” and the ballad “Dust in the Wind.”

The band went through several lineup changes over the years but continued to release albums and tour. They have maintained a dedicated fan base and are recognized as one of the classic rock bands from the 1970s.

Band Members
The core members of Kansas have varied over the years, but some key figures have remained constant. Here’s a list of the original and notable members of Kansas:

-Phil Ehart: Drummer and co-founder of the band, Ehart has been a consistent member throughout Kansas’s history.
– Rich Williams: Guitarist and co-founder, Williams has also remained with the band since its inception.
– Steve Walsh: Lead vocalist and keyboardist, Walsh was a major driving force in the band’s early success but left and returned several times.
– Kerry Livgren: Guitarist and primary songwriter, Livgren’s contributions were instrumental in Kansas’s early success.
– Robby Steinhardt: Violinist and vocalist, Steinhardt’s unique violin playing became a signature element of Kansas’s sound.

Greatest Hits

Kansas has a rich discography, but some of their greatest hits and most well-known songs include:

– “Carry On Wayward Son”: From the “Leftoverture” album, this song became a rock anthem and one of the band’s most iconic tracks.
– “Dust in the Wind”: A contemplative acoustic ballad from the “Point of Know Return” album, it remains one of their most famous songs.
– “Point of Know Return”: The title track from the 1977 album, this energetic rock song showcases Kansas’s musical style and songwriting prowess.
– “Song for America”: A longer, progressive track from their second album, it demonstrates the band’s complex arrangements and musicianship.
– “The Wall”: Another track from the “Point of Know Return” album, it’s known for its introspective lyrics and melodic elements.

Kansas continues to tour and release music, maintaining their presence as a classic rock band with a dedicated following.

Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son (Official Video)


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