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ITZY is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, one of the major entertainment companies in South Korea. The group officially debuted on February 12, 2019, with the release of their single album “IT’z Different” and its lead single “Dalla Dalla.” ITZY is known for its energetic performances, catchy music, and themes of self-confidence and empowerment.

ITZY consists of five members:
1. **Yeji** (leader) – Born in 2000, she is the leader of the group and is known for her strong dance skills and charisma.
2. **Lia** – Born in 2000, she is the main vocalist of the group, recognized for her unique voice and calm demeanor.
3. **Ryujin** – Born in 2001, she is the main rapper and center of the group, known for her powerful stage presence.
4. **Chaeryeong** – Born in 2001, she is a lead dancer and vocalist, celebrated for her graceful dancing and sweet voice.
5. **Yuna** – Born in 2003, she is the youngest member (maknae), known for her vibrant energy and visuals.

ITZY’s debut marked a significant success. Their debut single “Dalla Dalla” was a major hit, with its empowering message about being different and embracing individuality. The song quickly climbed the charts, and its music video gained millions of views within days of release.

Following their debut, ITZY released their first extended play (EP) “IT’z ICY” in July 2019, featuring the lead single “ICY.” This release continued their trend of energetic music and strong themes of confidence. “ICY” also garnered attention for its catchy chorus and unique styling.

In 2020, ITZY released their second EP, “IT’z Me,” with the lead single “WANNABE.” This song’s choreography, particularly the shoulder dance, became iconic and went viral on social media platforms like TikTok. The album showcased ITZY’s growth and cemented their position in the K-pop industry.

ITZY continued to release successful music in 2021 and 2022, with albums like “GUESS WHO,” featuring the hit song “M.A.F.I.A. In the Morning,” and “CRAZY IN LOVE,” which included the single “LOCO.” These albums further solidified ITZY’s reputation for powerful performances and catchy music.

In 2023, ITZY released their album “KILL MY DOUBT,” which featured the lead single “CAKE.” This album maintained their signature style while exploring new sounds and themes.

Overall, ITZY is recognized for their dynamic stage performances, strong vocal and dance skills, and messages of self-love and empowerment. Their growing international fanbase and active presence on social media platforms have contributed to their success as one of K-pop’s most popular girl groups.



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