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The Headstones are a Canadian rock band known for their intense energy, raw sound, and rebellious attitude. Here is a comprehensive overview of the band’s history and their biggest hits:

The Headstones were formed in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in 1987. The original lineup included Hugh Dillon (lead vocals), Trent Carr (guitar), Mark Gibson (bass), and Dale Harrison (drums). Later, Tim White joined on bass, replacing Gibson. The band quickly became known for their aggressive, high-energy performances and punk-influenced hard rock style.

The Headstones’ music features gritty lyrics, heavy guitar riffs, and a raw, punkish attitude. Hugh Dillon’s intense stage presence and edgy vocals contributed significantly to the band’s appeal. They became a staple in the Canadian rock scene during the 1990s, gaining a loyal fan base with their live shows and raw sound.

The band released several successful albums throughout the 1990s, but took a hiatus in 2003. After a long break, they reunited in 2011 and have since continued to tour and release new music, regaining their status as one of Canada’s prominent rock bands.

The Headstones have had several hits and popular songs over the course of their career. Here are some of their most well-known tracks:

– “When Something Stands for Nothing”**: A single from their debut album “Picture of Health” (1993), this song showcases the band’s punk and rock influences.
– “Cemetery”: Also from “Picture of Health,” this song became one of the band’s signature tracks, known for its catchy chorus and dark theme.
– “Tweeter and the Monkey Man”: A cover of a Traveling Wilburys song from the album “Picture of Health,” the Headstones’ version has a grittier, more hard rock feel.
– “Unsound”**: From their second album “Teeth and Tissue” (1995), this song was another hit, demonstrating the band’s heavier edge.
– “Cubically Contained”: From the album “Smile and Wave” (1997), this track is known for its raw energy and intense vocals.
– “Hearts Love”: A single from the 1999 album “Nickels for Your Nightmares,” it became a popular track with its introspective lyrics and melodic elements.

After reuniting in 2011, the Headstones released “Love + Fury” (2013), which was well received and marked a successful return for the band. Songs like “Bin This Way for Years” and “Long way to never land” highlighted their continued appeal.

The Headstones have maintained their reputation as a high-energy rock band with a punk attitude, and they continue to tour and release music, attracting a devoted following among rock fans. Their gritty sound and uncompromising style have made them a distinctive presence in the Canadian rock scene.

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