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The Dead South is a Canadian folk-bluegrass band known for their energetic live performances and catchy, foot-stomping tunes. Formed in 2012 in Regina, Saskatchewan, the band consists of Nate Hilts (vocals, guitar), Scott Pringle (guitar, mandolin), Danny Kenyon (cello), and Colton Crawford (banjo). Their music blends elements of bluegrass, folk, and Americana, characterized by tight harmonies, rapid-fire banjo picking, and storytelling lyrics.

Some of their popular hits include “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company,” “Banjo Odyssey,” and “Boots.” Their breakout album, “Good Company,” released in 2014, gained them widespread attention and acclaim.

The Dead South’s rise to prominence has been marked by extensive touring and festival appearances, earning them a dedicated fan base around the world. Despite their name, their music is full of life and excitement, capturing the essence of roots music with a modern twist.

The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company [Official Music Video]


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