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The Black Keys are an American rock band formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. The Black Keys are known for their raw, bluesy sound and dynamic live performances.

The band’s early music was heavily influenced by Delta blues and garage rock, but they have since incorporated elements of funk, soul, and psychedelic rock into their sound. Their breakthrough album, “Brothers,” was released in 2010 and featured the hit single “Tighten Up,” which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance.

The Black Keys have released a total of nine studio albums, with their most recent being “Let’s Rock” in 2019. The band has received critical acclaim for their music and have won multiple Grammy Awards.

They are known for their high-energy live shows and have toured extensively around the world.Overall, The Black Keys have established themselves as one of the most successful and influential rock bands of the 21st century, with a sound that draws on a wide range of influences while staying true to their blues-rock roots.

The Black Keys - Tighten Up [Official Music Video]


Venue: Scotia Bank Arena. Events in: 2024. .

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