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The Arkells are a Canadian rock band formed in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2006. The band consists of lead singer Max Kerman, guitarist Mike DeAngelis, bassist Nick Dika, keyboardist Anthony Carone, and drummer Tim Oxford. Known for their energetic live performances and catchy anthems, the Arkells have gained a strong following in Canada and beyond.

They have released several albums, including “Jackson Square” (2008), “Michigan Left” (2011), “High Noon” (2014), “Morning Report” (2016), and “Rally Cry” (2018). Their music is characterized by a blend of indie rock, alternative, and pop influences, with socially conscious lyrics and infectious melodies.

The Arkells have won multiple Juno Awards, including Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year. They are known for their commitment to social and political activism, often addressing issues such as equality, inclusivity, and environmentalism in their music and public statements.

Arkells - Knocking At The Door


    Venue: Budweiser Stage, Kingston, London, and Ottawa. Events in: 2024. .

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