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Creed was an American rock band formed in 1994 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band’s original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips. They gained significant commercial success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Creed’s debut album, “My Own Prison,” was released in 1997 and achieved multi-platinum status, featuring hit singles like “My Own Prison” and “Higher.” Their follow-up album, “Human Clay,” released in 1999, further solidified their popularity with chart-topping hits such as “With Arms Wide Open,” “Higher,” and “What If.”

Despite their commercial success, Creed faced criticism for their perceived similarities to other post-grunge bands and the earnestness of their lyrics. Internal tensions within the band eventually led to their breakup in 2004.

After the dissolution of Creed, members went on to form other projects. Scott Stapp pursued a solo career, while Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips formed the band Alter Bridge. In 2009, Creed reunited and released their fourth studio album, “Full Circle.” However, they disbanded again in 2012.

Creed’s music is characterized by powerful vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and anthemic choruses, often exploring themes of spirituality, introspection, and personal struggle. Despite their relatively brief career, Creed left a significant mark on the rock music scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Creed - With Arms Wide Open


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